Oasis was designed with the homeowner in mind, taking composite fencing to a new level of performance and aesthetic appeal. Offered in two colors, Palmetto Brown and Sabal Grey, Oasis fence provides the privacy you need, with a modern, upscale look you desire. Unlike traditional wood fencing, Oasis requires absolutely no maintenance and will look at beautiful as it did the first day it was installed. This means no staining, painting, or replacing boards. Surrounding your home with a traditional wood fence becomes a stressful necessity; surrounding it with Oasis makes it a tranquil luxury.

Why Choose OASIS?

  • Dog Ear & Square Top pickets offered in 8’ & 6’ lengths
  • Customize the look with optional 8’ Top Cap
  • Two color options: Palmetto Brown and Sabal Grey
  • Easily installed in traditional privacy styles: Board on Board, Shadow Box, and Side by Side
  • Load testing results show the Oasis rail reinforced with steel Z-channel is 33% stronger than a standard Cedar 2 x 4
  • Maintenance-free: no staining, no painting, no cracking, no splintering, or no insects
  • Oasis utilizes 4th generation Eva-Tech™ material technology. The engineered cellulose-polymer composite is made of bamboo and high-density polyethylene. This provides superior weather resistance compared to most composites in the market made from wood flour and plastic bags.
  • Superior manufacturing process allows Oasis to be the global leader in moisture absorption of extruded composite: it will not warp, sag, or rot.
  • Installs like traditional wood using
  • Backed by 15 Year Maintenance Free Warranty

Oasis Composite

Oasis composite is truly unlike any other available in the market today. Due to core differences in material composition and manufacturing processes, Oasis is not susceptible to the inherent flaws that competing composites face.

It starts with the actual material used. Most composite fencing is made from some combo of various recycled wood pulp and recycled soft plastics, such as plastic bags.

Oasis composite is only made from a strict formula of drying and milling bamboo and recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Outside of producing a more consistent board, a primary advantage of using only bamboo fibers vs various wood pulps is moisture absorption. Oasis composite is the global market leader in moisture absorption; it will withstand and maintain its original form in any climate.

Materials can only take you so far, how you use them is the other key element in producing superior composite. This is where Oasis really differentiates itself from the competition. Other composites in the market will use a single-mix process and then extrude boards based on maximum feet per second. This model does achieve greater manufacturing efficiency, but it also a difference in density from board to board. Material mix ratio will vary within the same board and this leads to warping, weathering, color fading, etc.

Oasis uses a double-mix process at a very high temperature to make sure the bamboo is well encapsulated. Having an advantage in the number of extrusion machines allows Oasis boards to be extruded 3x slower. The result is a well-bonded, homogeneous profile, and ultimately a superior fence board. Contact us for a quote on your custom fencing project.