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The Estate Ornamental Privacy Fence is perfect for those who want a fusion of classic ornamental iron fence combined with the privacy provided by the wood pickets. Blending the two styles together, you can now surround your home with one of the most upscale privacy fences on the market.


The Estate Ornamental Privacy Fence provides a solution for residential and commercial projects that require a privacy fence to enclose pool equipment or trash receptacles. Secure and sturdy, Estate is a wonderful alternative to enclosures currently on the market.

Ornamental Estate Privacy Fence represents a fusion of beautiful wood and iron for a mix of privacy fence and timeless ornamental iron fence. The steel panel frames are specifically engineered to accept wood pickets transforming classic ornamental iron fence to premium privacy fence.

Ornamental Estate is the most upscale privacy fence on the market, perfect for a full fence project or projects where both privacy and traditional ornamental iron are desired. Estate will help avoid the awkward transition that often exists when two types of fence are used together. You can now leave a portion of your project open for better visibility and another portion closed for privacy. Ideal for residential or commercial enclosures, Ornamental Estate brings sophistication to any project.

Features & Benefits

  • Combines the beauty of wood and iron
  • Mixes privacy fence and traditional ornamental iron on the same project
  • Pre-drilled rails and provided screws for easy attachment
  • Designed to accept 1"x5-5/8" fence pickets
  • Avoid rotting posts typical of privacy fence
  • Easily replace any damaged fence pickets

Virtually Maintenance Free

Fortress Estate Fence is virtually maintenance free, which translates into more time enjoying your Fortress Fence and less time maintaining it! With the ability to resist effects of weathering, Estate Railing is coated with FortressGuard which is a specialized mixture that encompasses a premium powder coating loaded with UV inhibitors and a heavy zinc galvanization treatment.

Estate Fence Gates

Estate Fence Gates

Whether it is a driveway or a walkway, with Estate fence there is a gate specifically designed to match the privacy fence style. The fully welded steel construction of the rigid frame brings strength where it is needed most, preventing concerns of gate collapse. With ProSeries hinges hardware, safety is always of utmost importance.

Estate Walk & Drive Gates

Provide privacy with wood pickets that are inserted easily into the full steel frame or can be used as an ornamental gates by leaving the pickets off to increase visibility. Rotting wood posts are no longer a concern with the 3"x3" Iron Post coated with FortressGuard. Simply replace any damaged fence pickets without having to replace or disassemble other parts of the fence.

Specialty Gates

Fortress Fence Products is proud to offer a full range of specialty gates to meet any size or design in mind. With its own specialty gate shop, there is staff available to help design and build any gate to individual specification and style. Fortress Specialty Gates are also available in a broad range of premium finishes. Carrying a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty, Fortress Specialty Gates are pre-galvanized and premium powder coated to provide a gate that will withstand the elements. For a custom quote, please contact Fortress Fence Products.